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See how collaboration technology can help you change in-person meetings to virtual meetings
See how collaboration technology can help you change in-person meetings to virtual meetings

Teamwork and collaboration doesn’t just happen when everyone is in the same room. True collaboration happens when teams are focused. Conversation breeds excitement, one person’s idea sparks another’s insight, perspectives are changed – and the final results are so much stronger than any individual effort.

an Innovative Lamp-Free Projector
An Innovative Lamp-Free Projector

Projector lamps have been the traditional light source for projectors for years. Recently the technology has evolved with laser projectors becoming widely popular. Laser light source offers significant advantages over lamp-based projectors.

How to Sell Direct View LED
How to Sell Direct View LED

While direct view LED video walls can carry a higher price tag than LCD video walls or projection systems, explaining the return on investment to potential customers can help justify the added cost.

NEC - Supporting Healthcare’s Most Pressing Needs

NEC has the technology solutions that can support healthcare workers where and when they need it. Our displays, collaboration solutions and digital signage can support hospitals in today’s challenging environments.

Making your impromptu home office function like you’re at HQ

Whether your home office is a new temporary option or a longer term one, the goal is to make your WFH time as productive as possible while functioning the best for you and your company.

Your Vision Delivered

NEC's dvLED solutions deliver the crystal-clear visual experience your content deserves wherever you are. dvLED delivers near-perfect, crystal-clear color, contrast and visibility.

How to use Digital Signage for Campus Emergency Notifications
How to use Digital Signage for Campus Emergency Notifications

During a campus emergency, time is of the essence. Communication needs to be fast and accurate. Digital signage infrastructure can be used as an effective communication tool to send emergency alerts within seconds.

Raising the Bar on PaTIENT SaFETY
Raising the Bar on PATIENT SAFETY

Today's digital technologies are improving care while reducing incidents. Learn in this whitepaper from NEC how hospitals are modernizing facilities and relying more on electronic displays to assist patients.

Education That Pivots
Education That Pivots. Finding Student Success Through Technology

Finding student success through technology takes a lot of factors lining up just right. But a good place to start is setting up classroom zones that fit specific learning needs and letting students pivot through the day.

P605UL Infographic
Experience the quietest projector in its class

Check out the best features of the game changing, whisper quiet, P605UL projector in this visual and informative inforgraphic. Understand why this projector is a game changer for conference rooms, classrooms and more!

Enabling Collaborative Learning with EdTech Tools
Enabling Collaborative Learning with EdTech Tools

For generations, classrooms have been organized in a traditional way: teachers lectured at the front of the room while students dutifully scribbled lessons in paperbound notebooks, did assignments by themselves, and sat in single desks facing forward. That arrangement has been disrupted, primarily because of technology. Learn in this whitepaper how educators are using EdTech tools to boost student performance.

Choosing a Projector with the Right Zoom Lens

Buying a projector means considering many factors, including the lens. Understand the benefits of a zoom lens and what that can mean for how you use your projector. Explore how installation considerations impact the best lens, and projector, for your needs in this informative infographic.

Projectors – When to Repair or Replace?

In a situation where you aren’t really sure whether you should repair your existing projector or replace it with a newer one? Should you upgrade to the latest features and technology? This byline helps you explore the reasons behind each of those choices to help determine the best option for your business.

The Many Benefits of a 4K UHD Projector
The Many Benefits of a 4K UHD Projector

Check out this comparative infographic to explore the difference NEC 4K UHD projectors provide and understand the benefits of 4K so you can make the right decision to satisfy your needs for years to come.

Choosing the Right Indoor Video Wall Installat
Choosing the Right Indoor Video Wall Installation

Video walls have become an increasingly popular digital signage choice. When deciding which type of video wall installation is appropriate for your customers’ needs, a basic decision is determining which of the two basic types of technologies — LCD or dvLED — is best for the specific application. Read about the benefits of each technology in this whitepaper.

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